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Helping you implement Healthy Eating Policies

Following the introduction of the new Government's Guidelines in September 2006, many parents, headteachers, caterers, governors and teachers must be wondering:


  • How do we provide healthy, nutritious food for our children?
  • Where do we buy it from?
  • How do we persuade the children to eat it?
  • How will our caterers have time to prepare meals from scratch?

This website, run by leading training consultancy, Verner Wheelock Associates, is designed to supply you with handy tips and information on how to provide healthy meals and snacks that school children benefit from and enjoy.

In particular, we can help you with training in Nutrition & Health and Food Safety to equip catering managers, cooks and kitchen staff with the knowledge and skills required to meet the extra demands now being put on them. See our information pages for school cooks and details of professional qualifications.

Our new book of case studies will also inspire you to try lots of new ideas.

Healthy Eating in Schools - A Handbook of Practical Case Studies

Edited by leading nutrition expert, Dr Verner Wheelock, this new book contains 30 case studies from the UK and abroad, focusing on schools, local authorities and businesses that have successfully improved the food being served to school children.

Healthy Eating QuoteHealthy Eating in Schools - A Handbook of Practical Case Studies draws together a variety of initiatives to provide an invaluable collection of information for those who plan to implement or expand their Healthy Eating Strategies. Our book is full of good ideas which really work and that will certainly provide inspiration for head teachers, governors, parents, teachers,caterers and healthy schools co-ordinators.

Focusing on all aspects of food in schools and not just school meals, examples include, Book

  • Improvements in choice and quality of food
  • Pupil involvement in Healthy Eating Policies
  • Better behaviour of children due to the provision of breakfast
  • Fruit tuck shops

There are also chapters dealing with other relevant aspects of school food including:

  • Allergies
  • Research on Food and Behaviour
  • OFSTED and Healthy Eating
  • Procurement and Local Sourcing


'Everyone involved in providing food in schools should read this book'